Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moshi Moshi


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Hye Semua apa khabar???Hopefully you all semua sihat-sihat sejahtera. dah lama dah azie tak tukar interface rumah blog azie ini. tapi it so ok after all my presentation and my final exam done I will created something new in my house heheheehe....

i'm very proud too myself and also to my partner . before that i want to wishes Thank you very much to my partner "CHE HANIP CHE HASAN" because give me a full cooperation to finished the FINAL PROJECT GAME DESIGN. But not forget too...too my MR. MUCHUK thank a lot too helping me and give me fully support. Thank you.

Walaupun game yang azie create itu tak cantik. Buruk sangat-sangat. kalau hantar dekat kedai pun tak sure boleh jual or not..hehehe...my game title is "ALIEN PUZZLES" the sinopsis for this game. The alien space ship was crashed at the on village in malaysia. The aliens saw someone and wanted to get help for that person but that person say you must finished our tradisional clothes.Have to combined all the pieces of the clothes and make it become one clothes. after that, that person can help the aliens to finding the part of the spaceship until the spaceship it done and can fly back to the aliens places...

hehehe...,mesti kelakar kan game azie ini..by the way azie begitu appreciated with what i have done. thank a lot. and not forget to. too my lovely lecturer "MISS SUHAILI HJ DIN" or the famous name in the UNIKL "MISS GIBB" thank a lot because teach me how to display the score and how to do the timer for this games.. and thank give the positives comment with our group. Thank you very much.

Ok finally kerja azie untuk subject Games Design dah hbis....dah settle dh sumenyer...skunk tinggal 2 lagi subject yg blum lgi selesai untuk presentation iaitu "INTERNET PROGRAMMING" and "DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY" hrmmm...tak tahu lah macam mana hasilnya. "INTERNET PROGRAMMING" baru buat 40% ada lagi 60% nak kena siapkan for finishing. "DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY" lagi lah teruk sebab take picture from PENANG but management not very good and very poor to construct owner project at there.

Hrmmmm....what should I do...waarggghhhhh...I want to cry ..:(

Ok bye dear see you next time....I love you Muuuaahhhh :(


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