Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Moshi Moshi

Event" Race To The Finish"

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How r u today??
i hope today is ur great day...coz ttoday was a public holiday
by the this entry just for share ur about the event that we all have done it..
last day...

best jugak...event nie utk project kteorg dlm subject "Profesional English 1"
kteorg wat game xplorace...but it just a simple game...
but we all doing it very well
dlm game ini ad 5 checkpoint that all the participant have to finish it...
azie list kan checkpoint 2 sume...simple ajer
- Checkpoint 1: teka perkataan
-Checkpoint 2: Match the picture
-Checkpoint 3 : Ping pong dance
-Checkpoint 4: ANgry bird
- Checkpoint 5: play pingpong and answer question
we all are so happy and very fun..wlupun dlm keadaan kelam kbut sbb x cukup org utk jaga...
every checkpoint..

ok at the bottom of this entry i have upload a few picture for our event last day...
hopefully u all enjoy it...

~ Thank for all ~

~ Happy Time our project are finish ..~

~ Our winner & our group ~

~ Our team & all the participant~

~ Our team ~

~ This all are our group for Profesional English 1 ~

~ This is "Awwa" our advertising & graphic designer department ~

~ Bob malu!! Sembunyi belakang Oshin ~

~ This is "OSHIN" our leader group. or as a Project Manager / Boss ~

~ Biey mahu lempar "B_B_" dkt Oshin..sbb x dpt ANGRY BIRD ~

~ Ozila & Oshin berebut nak "ANGRY BIRD" ~

~ Ozila With Bob ~

~Lyna with Biey~

~ This is "Lyna" ~

~ Our Group ~

~ "Pija" with "Mr. Bob"~

~ This is "Pija". She very small girl in our group ~

~ Who is this???Of coz it was me "Axieana Yumi" ~

~ This is "Ozila" she idea for the angry bird checkpoint ~

~ It Me "Axeiana Yumi" (^_^) ~

~It "Biey"~

~It "Ain"~

~ It was orang kuat kteorg "Bob"~

~ With Sir poor coz we all "BULLY" our lecture hehehe~

ok lah azie nk kuar nie...
nk g bli brg...
ok bye2 guy...

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