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"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2"

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Title: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II

Waahhh...hari ini, Azie rasa sedeyyy sangat-sangat. Kenapa Azie sedey???Selepas ini, dah tak ada dah series movies Harry Potter. huhuhuhu...Series kali ini, merupakan series yang terakhir untuk series Harry Potter. Movies kali ini, memang paling best. Sebab dalam series kali ini, banyak adegan-adegan yang sedih. Tetapi ending of the movies is the best part be so happy. 

ok hari nie azie x ad apa yg pnting sgt la nkupdate..just nk share some movies yg dh ditayangkan pd ari nie..pg2 td azie g JUSCO nk tgk movies harry potter coz azie mmg minat giler dgn citer hary potter nie...smpi ajer kat JJ pergghhh....rmainyer manusia..rupa2nya ari nie adalah HAri ahli j card....ptt la rmai azie x riso sgt coz my muchuk sdh booking tiket for citer nie..byk action..xpecially suke tgk dorgn men magic2 nie..klu la magic2 nie btl2 wujud huhuhu..dh lma azie wat tau hehehe...x yah lah ssh2 nk g the way u all sume ley la watching this movies.....very best giler2..hehehe...
Jom Azie share jalan cerita series kali ini. Kalau sapa yang suka menonton Harry Potter ini. Pergi lah tengok memang best. Jom kita review dulu.
GENRE: Fantasy
DATE RELEASE: 07 July 2011 (London), 15 July 2011 (UK and US)
RUNING TIME: 130 Minutes
STARRING: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

After burying Dobby, Harry Potter asks the goblin Griphook to hep him, Ron and Hermione to break into Bellatrix Lestrage's vault at Gringotts bank, suspecting a Horcrux may be there. Griphook agrees to help them enter in exchange for the Sword of Gryffindor. Wandmaker Mr. Ollivander tells Harry that the two wans taken from Malfoy Manor belonged to Bellatrix Lestrange and to Draco Malfoy, but Malfoy's has changed its allergiance to Harry. Hermione disguises herselft as Bellatrix Lestrange, and Ron disguises himself as a foreign wizard, while Harry and Griphook take the invisibility cloak to break the Lestrange vaults at Gringotts.

In Bellatrix's vault, Harry discovers that the Horcrux is Helga Hufflepuff cup. He retrieves it but Griphook snatches the sword of Godric Gryffindor and abandons the trio, leaving them cornered by security and a magically multiplying mountain of cursed treasure. The three release the dragon guarding the vault and flee on its back. Harry sees a vision of Lord Voldermort killing goblins, including Griphook and learns Voldermort is aware of the thief. Harry also realises there is a Horcrux at Hogwarts connected to Rowena Ravenclaw. The trio apparate into Hogsmeade, where Aberfoth
Dumbledore instructs the potrait of his deceased younger sister' Ariana, to fetch Neville Longbottom, who leads the trio through a secret passage away into the room of requirement at Hogwarts, where the re-established Dumbledore's Army has been hiding out and secretly fighting back against Headmaster Severus Snape and Death Eater teachers the Carrows.

Snape hears of Harry's return and warns staff and students of punishment for aiding Harry. Harry promptly confronts Snape, who flees after Minerva McGonagall challenges him to a duel. McGonagall and the other professors prepare Hogwarts defenses. At Luna Lovegood's insistence, Harry speaks to Helena Ravenclaw's ghost , who reveals that Voldermort performed 'dark magic' on her mother's diadem, which is in the Room of Requirement. In the Chamber of Secrets, Ron encourages Hermione to destroy the Horcrux cup with a Basilisk fang. Afterward, the two share a passionate kiss. In the Room of Requirement, Draco, Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini attack Harry, but Ron and Hermione intervene Goyle casts a Fiendfye curse and unable to control it, is burned to death while Harry and his friends save Malfoy and Zabini. Harry stabs the diadem with the Basilisk fang, and Ron kicks it into Room of Requirement, where it is destroyed. As Voldermort's forces attack, Harry , seeing intoo Voldermort's mind, realizes that Voldermort's snake Nagini is the final Horcrux and is holding up in the boathouse. Upon approaching the trio witness Voldermorts telling Snape that the Elder Wand cannot serve Voldermort until its prevous master, Snape, dies he then orders Nagini to kill Snape. Voldermort leaves to call for a ceasefire to bury the dead and asks to duel Harry Potter alone in the Forbidden Forest in orders tp spare futher bloodshed. Before dying, Snape tells Harry to take his memories to the Pensieve. In the chaos at Hogwarts, Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks among others, have been killed.

Harry learns from Snape's memories that Snape loved Harry's late mother , Lily, but despised his father, James, who had bullied him. Following her death, Snape worked secretly with Dumbledore to Protect Harry from Voldermort because if his deep feeling for Lily. Harry also learns that Dumbledore death at Snape's hands was planned netween them, and that the Patronus does he saw in the woods that led him to the sword had been conjured by Snape. Harry discovers that he himself became a Horcrux when Voldermort originally failed to kill him and that Harry must die to destroy the piece of Voldermorts soul within him. Harry goes to die at the hands of Voldermort in the Forbidden Forest. Trough the Ressurrection Stone( which was revealed to have been in Harry"s Golden Snitch, given by Dumbledore), Harry briefly speaks to his dead loved ones before facing Voldermort. Voldermort casts the Killing Curse upon Harry, who finds himself in limbo, where Dumbledore's spirit meets him and explains that he part of Voldermort within Harry was killed by Voldermort's own curse. Because Harry no longer carries a pece of Voldermort's soul, he is able to return to his body, determined to defeat Voldermort once and for all.

Voldermort annunces Harry's apparent death to everyone at Hogwarts and forewarns that anyone who defies him will be killed. Neville ignores Voldermorts warnings and states that Harry will live on in their hearts. Before Neville can be attacked, however, Harry reveals he is still alive, much to everyone's shock and duels with Voldermort throughout the castle. A general battle begins as Molly Weasley watches Ginny Weasley nearly get killed by Bellatrix during a duel, loses her temper and engages Bellatrix, who is then petrified and obliterated. As the Malfoys flee, fearing the battle lost, a defiant Neville draws the Sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting hat and decapitates Nagini, leaving Voldermort mortal. Harry and Voldermort fight a fierce duel against one another until both lie battered and disarmed in the Hogwarts courtyard.  the scramble to retrieve their wands and initiate a Priori Incantaterm as they have many times before; however, Voldermort is unwary of the fact that the Elder Wand still rejects him and watches in horror as his own killing Curse is rebounded onto his mortal form, disintegrating his body and sending his soul into Limbo once and for all. After the battle, Harry explains to Ron and Hermione that the Elder Wand recognised him as its true master because he had disarmed Draco, who earlier had disamed its previous owner, Dumbledore, which then explains why the wand did'nt kill Harry in his final battle with Voldermort. Harry snaps the Elder Wand ad throws it off of a bridge and into a chasm. rejecting its power.

Nineteens years later, Harry and Ginn, Ron and Hermione proudly watch their own children leaving for Hogwarts from king's Cross Station.

DIRECTED: David Yates

Ok lah for tha last series Azie bagi 5/5 rating untuk series kali ini. Hepofully, ada lah Harry poter junior pulak.

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