Friday, March 4, 2011

Moshi Moshi



(sowie pic x bape nk ok hehehe)

pd ari rabu 2/03/2011 aku and dia g tgk wyg citer nie lah...mula2 2 aku g kolej settle kan sume utk kemasukan aku ke UNIKL pd 17/07/2011 nie...slps selesai sumenyer aku pun g lah menonton cite "KEMBAR SIANG" oklah jgk citer nie best pun best...cume kembar die 2 ajer mcm x real ajer...asik watak awal ajer yg byk ckp...watak awin 2 krg lah overall citer nie mmg kelakar la...hehehe...

Sinopsis Kembar Siang

Kembar Siang was the opening film for the year 2011 for the Metrowealth Movie Production Sdn Bhd and was the 46th films from the company. This romantic comedy film directed by Dr. Hatta Azad Khan stars real life love couple Kamal Adli and Intan Ladyana, as well as veteran comedian such as Sathia, Zaibo, Shanie, Mat Over, Sabrie Yunus, Hamid Gurkha and Lan Pet Pet.

Kembar Siang is about a pair of twins named Awal and Awi (both played Kamal Adli). Awal is the elder of the two and Awi is mentally ill, due to a fever when he was young. Amazingly, Awi has superb memory and an extraordinary ability to count, often tutoring Mazli and Izan after school. The twins have a house and a grocery shop given to them by their late father Haji Sabran. They are rivalled by another grocery shop run by Pak Din Duda (Sabri Yunus) who is not honest and always trying to make a quick buck.

However, situation began to get complicated when Awal’s girlfriend Ani, unaware of Awi’s existence saw both of them. Hilarity ensues when Ani, Haji Sabran and some of the village folks often mistakenly identify Awi as Awal. Finally, Ani’s real identity was revealed when a girl came into the village.

Personally, I am not a fan of this kind of rom-com that tries to induce laughter by poking fun at people with disabilities. But I am sure there are people out there who will love this kind of movie.

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